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There's a class for everyone, no matter your goal, interest or stage in life.

With a vast array of offerings, you can pursue programs like associate degrees, credit certificates and workforce training certificates. But our offerings do not stop there! From life enrichment courses to specialized classes for seniors and youth, we have thousands of options designed to cater to your unique goals.

Whether you're here to complete a degree, transfer credits to another college, enhance your professional skill set or simply have a good time, CCBC has the perfect class for you.

Explore the possibilities at CCBC

Search hundreds of programs and thousands of courses.

How do you prefer to learn?

We understand that every student is unique, and so are their learning preferences. That's why we offer a wide range of courses in various formats to accommodate different schedules, lifestyles and educational goals.

With options ranging from asynchronous online classes to interactive on-campus sessions, we're committed to providing a flexible and accessible learning experience that empowers you to succeed.

Asynchronous online learning

All instructional hours are completed online, without scheduled times. Dive into course materials through Brightspace, CCBC’s online learning platform, where you'll access lessons, submit assignments and engage in discussions. For exams, you may need to visit a designated physical location.

Online with some on-site

Experience the best of both worlds with a blend of online and on-campus instruction. Online portions require no physical presence on campus.

In-person learning

Embrace in-person learning where students and instructors meet face-to-face on campus. Engage with course materials through Brightspace, and participate in lessons and discussions.

Online synchronous classes

Attend classes synchronously through remote online learning. Join in during scheduled days and times via video software. No physical presence at CCBC is required, making it accessible from any location.

Combo of on-campus and livestreamed instruction

Participate in a simultaneous combination of on-campus and live streaming instruction. Some on-campus presence is required for specific sessions. Accessible from anywhere with an internet-connected device.

Independent study, co-op, internships and other arranged meetings

This section offers flexibility in modalities, including on-site, remote scheduled or online asynchronous instruction. Many experiences involve a written contract/agreement.