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School of Business, Technology and Law

School of Business, Technology and Law

Strong career prospects. High earning potential.

Learn skills for high-demand careers.

If you are considering a career in business, finance, engineering, technology or criminal justice, your career outlook is promising! Employment among these occupations is projected to grow faster than the average sector with more than 900,000 openings each year for the next decade. The median annual wage for these occupations is estimated to be $30,000 more than other industries.

CCBC's School of Business, Technology and Law provides the analytical, technical and professional skills that will prepare you to get to work. CCBC also offers experienced instructors, small class sizes and seamless transfer of credits to four-year colleges and universities.

Business students learn management, finance and entrepreneurship on a grand scale while tapping into our connections with agencies and businesses across Maryland. Students are able to learn and apply valuable skills by working with our Center for Business Innovation. You'll find certificates and associate degrees for accounting, bookkeeping, human resources and more in this department.

Emerging technologies are integrated throughout the curriculum in transportation, engineering, fabrication, construction, survey, information assurance and computer technology. Students are able to learn and apply valuable skills by working with our innovative Fab Lab.

Comprehensive course offerings, a fully equipped law library and extensive internship opportunities make CCBC the smart choice for students seeking transferable degree credits, certifications or ongoing training in law and criminal justice. Real-world case studies and customized training for public and private enforcement agencies prepare students for exciting careers in public safety, law enforcement, paralegal and law.

Hands-on-the-wheel training

CCBC’s Automotive Technology program provides hands-on training for automotive technician jobs in state-of-the-art automotive service repair labs on CCBC vehicles.

Many of our students and alumni are looking to start new businesses. We have workshops. We have mentoring. It's all there at the Center for Business Innovation.

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Jane Mattes

Dean, School of Business, Technology and Law