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Our Stories

The CCBC community is defined by a can-do spirit that cultivates opportunity, nurtures aspirations and celebrates accomplishments.

Our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni help make CCBC an excellent place to learn and grow. Get to know our current and past students, and people who contribute to the college’s goals of preparing students for transfer and career success, strengthening the workforce and enriching our community.

Larry Alston II

CCBC in three words: fun, dedicated and uplifting.

Iyona Anderson

When Iyona Anderson enrolled in CCBC's continuing education program, she was looking for a job and a second chance. Now she is on her way to...

Nicole Beeson

Nicole Beeson began pursuing nursing at CCBC. Now the senior health care executive is helping other students pursue their nursing careers.

Eric Belyea

Flexible class schedules and financial aid helped Navy veteran Eric Belyea manage a return to school after a 20-year break, while also managing a...

Branden Burrows

CCBC in three words: affordable, supportive and diverse.

Michael A. Carper

Michael Carper '86 received the CCBC 2023 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award.

Devin Clark

2020 was a milestone year for Baltimore City resident Devin Clark. He graduated from high school and started classes at CCBC – all in the...

Kayla Clarke

CCBC in three words: contemporary, warm and innovative.

James Clidence

CCBC in three words: community, convenient and compassionate.

Shantell Comegys

CCBC in three words: affordable, supportive and welcoming.

Maurice “Moe” Conn, MFA

G. Maurice “Moe” Conn holds an MFA in Scene Design and Technical Theatre.

Charlotte Connelly

CCBC in three words: rewarding, affordable and flexible.

Angelina Curreri

CCBC in three words: welcoming, diverse and exciting.

Kelvin Dagadu

CCBC in three words: empowering, resourceful and transformational.

Melinda Blomquist

Professor, Dance Program Coordinator and Artistic Director CCBC Dance Company

Tommy Parlon

Associate Professor

Megan Caldwell

Adjunct Faculty

Clifton Diaz

CCBC in three words: low cost, affordable, spectacular.

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor

Community College of Baltimore County honored Kimberly Ellison-Taylor with the 2022 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award at the Student Life...

Nicholas Enoch

An aspiring writer, Nick served as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, CCBC Connection.

Amber Espinal

CCBC in three words: supportive, welcoming and motivational.

Keith Ewancio

CCBC Alumnus Keith L. Ewancio ’92 received the 2017 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award at the CCBC Student Awards Banquet on May 9.

Elijah Foster

CCBC in three words: phenomenal, amazing and diverse.

Rosia Lynette Frazier

CCBC in three words: exceptional, affordable and inclusive.

Alona Harris

CCBC helped Alona Harris gain the confidence to earn an associate degree in business administration and transfer to the University of Maryland...

Amber Hinson

Amber Hinson received a scholarship to attend CCBC tuition-free to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Gillian Holland

As an early college access student, Gillian graduated from high school a full year early with 27 college credits.

Leah Howard

CCBC in three words: affordable, diverse and explorative.

Alice Howes

Adjunct Faculty

Shannon Hughes

Shannon Hughes added construction management college credentials to her experience as an electrician to advance her career and fulfill her lifelong...

Silvia Ilunga

CCBC in three words: fun, inspiring and eye-opening.

Anderson Jaggernauth

CCBC in three words: affordable, reliable and professional.

Melanie Judd

CCBC in three words: admirable, innovative and community.

Sadaf Kaleem

CCBC in three words: affordable, helpful and culturally rich.

Adrienne Kraus Latanishen

Adjunct Faculty

Damon Krometis, MFA

Damon Krometis is a theatre teacher, director, and scholar based in Washington, DC. Before joining CCBC, he was an adjunct faculty member at...

Sandra Kurtinitis, Ph.D.

As president of the Community College of Baltimore County, Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis leads the largest provider of higher education in the Baltimore...

Anne M. Lefter, PhD

Anne M. Lefter holds a BA in Theatre and English from the University of Minnesota and an MA and PhD in Theatre Studies from Cornell University.

Julie Lewis, MFA

Julie Lewis is a playwright, director and teacher. She received her BA in Writing Arts and Theatre from SUNY Oswego and her MFA in Playwriting from...

Victoria Lizardo

CCBC in three words: resourceful, dynamic and resilient.

Hunter Lubawski

Early Childhood Education was a great major for Hunter Lubawski, who always knew she wanted to be a teacher. The College Promise Scholarship made...

Bernard (Buzi) M'kumbuzi

Bernard M'kumbuzi found his passion for education through CCBC's Male Student Success Initiative and is now attending Towson University...

Shila Marshall

CCBC in three words: flexible, supportive and affordable.

Anne McLaughlin

At the CCBC Student Awards Banquet on May 8, 2018, CCBC Alumna Anne McLaughlin was named the 2018 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, posthumously....

Sarah Beth Metzger

CCBC in three words: inclusive, convenient and reliable.

Sasha-Rae Mohead

When Sasha-Rae Mohead was looking to attend college, she chose to enroll at CCBC because of its flexibility, convenience and cost.

Ixtle Montuffar

Attending CCBC has given Ixtle Montuffar ample time to explore – time to explore areas of study, and time to explore cultures.

Daniel Lewis

Associate Professor, Music Program Coordinator (Eastside)

Rebecca Ocampo

Associate Professor, Music Program Coordinator (Westside)

Brian Comotto

Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Music Production and Audio Recording Technology

Casey Dickey

Assistant Professor

Matthew Palumbo

Assistant Professor, Concert Manager

Michelle Smith

Assistant Professor

Joelle Arnhold

Adjunct Faculty

Venkatesh Batni

Adjunct Faculty

Michael Benjamin

Adjunct Faculty

Frances Borowsky

Adjunct Faculty

Andrew Dickenson

Adjunct Faculty

Megan Dimmock

Adjunct Faculty

Bill Elliott

Adjunct Faculty

Lynn Gambrill

Adjunct Faculty

Sam Garrett

Adjunct Faculty

Carl Hengen

Adjunct Faculty

Elizabeth Honeyman

Adjunct Faculty

Jarl Hulbert

Adjunct Faculty

Bonghee Lee

Adjunct Faculty

Janet Crisalli Lindquist

Adjunct Faculty

Abhinn Malhotra

Adjunct Faculty

Clint McCallum

Adjunct Faculty

Olivia Meadows

Adjunct Faculty

David Saenz

Adjunct Faculty

Rachael Stockton

Adjunct Faculty

Amani Nkere

Nkere enjoys being in the classroom just as much as he enjoys being on stage.

Vidhi Patel

Vidhi Patel redefines her future, her way at CCBC.

Dev Patel

CCBC in three words: budget-friendly, quality and education.

Ashley Payton

Despite initially aiming for education, Ashley Payton discovered her passion for tech through a research project, leading her to CCBC for computer...

Prae Pedran Borg

CCBC in three words: resourceful, opportunity and flexibility.

Sabrina Pereira

CCBC in three words: diverse, respectful and fun.

Edwina Perez

CCBC in three words: motivating, welcoming and diverse.

Philemon Phalwas

CCBC in three words: inclusive, practical and memorable.

Peter Pucci

Guest Artist in Residence

Terri Raulie, MA

Terri Raulie is an Assistant Professor in the Performing Arts and Humanities Department at CCBC.

Richard Rohrs

Richard Rohrs, PA-C, DFAAPA, SFHM, received the 2020 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award at a virtual CCBC Student Life Banquet on May 14, 2020.

Dr. Amir Salehi

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Kristi Schaffner

Adjunct Faculty and Associate Director CCBC Dance Company

Dr. Richard Scheper

CCBC honored Dr. Richard A. Scheper, a CCBC alumnus and president of Jovian Concepts, with the "Distinguished Alumnus of the Year" award...

Angela Schwartz

CCBC in three words: cost-efficient, accessible and inspiring.

Dennis Seymour

Dr. Dennis E. Seymour, CCBC Dean Emeritus, School of Business, Criminal Justice and Law, received the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award at the...

Kabish Shah

CCBC Alumnus Kabish Shah was named the 2021 CCBC Distinguished Alumnus of the Year at the CCBC Student Awards Ceremony on May 12, 2021.

Amber Shaw

CCBC in three words: friendly, knowledgeable and affordable.

Robbie Smith

CCBC in three words: safe, beneficial and fun.

Austin Smith

CCBC in three words: affordable, flexible and stress-free.

Gabriel Tanenbaum-Vogler

The Maryland Parallel Enrollment Program gave Gabriel Tanenbaum-Vogler early college access to pursue his degree in global studies while still in...

Rama Thaher-Sawalhi

Nearly two decades after graduating high school, Rama Thaher-Sawalhi decided to take the plunge and start college. But with three children, she...

Camilla Timfe

CCBC in three words: affordable, inclusive and quality.

Akira Tisdale

After taking American Sign Language 101 to fulfill a requirement, Akira chose to pursue an associate degree in American Sign Language and Deaf...

Nick VanHorn

Assistant Professor, Philosophy; Chair, Performing Arts & Humanities

Clara Weaver

Throughout her education and every aspect of her life, faith has been at the forefront for Clara Weaver.

Connor White

CCBC in three words: maximize your potential.

Traci Williams

Traci Williams spent her early years applauding others for seeking their dreams. But one day, she decided enough was enough and she set out to see...

Lavar Williams

CCBC in three words: life-changing, success.

Dr. Mike B. Wilson

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Evgeny Zabolotnykgh

CCBC in three words: opportunity, community and networking.

Eric Zuniga

CCBC in three words: Built for success.